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Let Me Introduce You to Some Really Great Artists

Journal Entry: Fri May 31, 2013, 7:29 AM
It's been a long time since I wrote a journal entry, so I figured I should update.
As you can see, I've been uploading various photos, fractals, etc. Possibly my favorites are the shell photos - "Smile" (which is currently featured) and "Broken Shells Bleeding Sand". That was my first real attempt at concept art, and was actually done a while back. They didn't seem to generate much interest at all, but that's alright, that's just how it goes.

When I log into DeviantART, I like to check out "What's Hot", because there are always some truly amazing pieces that someone has recently uploaded. But then I also check out "Most Recent," and I keep refreshing, so that I can see other pieces of art that are just as amazing before they're buried in obscurity. The sad truth is that a lot of great stuff won't be noticed, because there is such a huge amount of artwork that is uploaded every day.
But I have come across some awe-inspiring artists whose work deserves far more acclaim, and that's why I want to introduce some of them to you. Even though there are some other artists who are just as good, I wanted to focus on those who don't have many pageviews/comments/watchers. I really do hope you'll understand. If you're bored - which I know you must be, to be reading this - find a description that looks interesting to you, and follow it. Even better, follow multiple links. This journal post will still be here, I promise.
What I would love to see is more dA members posting journals like this, to tell other people about great artists. So please, when you're done looking at the links below, look at the artists you follow and decide how many deserve to be shared with the world. It'll mean the world to them. :)

DorothyBhawl ( - WOW. I came across one piece and ended up browsing through most of his vast gallery, with plans to view the rest later. He's an Italian artist who specializes in surrealism and photomanipulation, which makes for some fascinating (and often disturbing) pictures such as "Pacman World" (…), "Marshmallow" (…), "Inspiration" (…), and "Paracelsus Homunculus" (…).

Tate27kh ( - He mostly works with fractals and 3D digital art, creating virtual sculptures that I wish were real. His pieces are creative and varied, so you won't get bored quickly from browsing through it. For his fractals, check out "Hall of the Mountain King" (…) and "Fractal Snake" (…). For digital art, I recommend "Metamorphosis" (…) and "Ship of Altered Reality" (…).

xAstralShadow ( - AstralShadow has a huge amount of artwork up, split between Pokemon-inspired banners/buttons/userbars/etc. and raw fractals, swirly and colorful. If you need a well-done image or animation of your favorite Pokemon for an avatar or signature, there's a LOT to choose from, like "Catching Gardevoir" (…) and "Houndoom Split Userbar" (…) - by the way, LOVE THE BODOM REFERENCE. \m/ As far as fractals go: "86" (…) and "84" (…).

Architect-of-Art (…) - I logged in this morning and had a whopping 55 notifications. 40 were from his uploads alone, and every single one of them was trippy as hell. This is a dedicated photographer/digital/fractal artist. I highly recommend "Phaidon" (…), "Spike-Driver" (…), "Psychedelic THC" (…), and "Eyes" (…).

Nines ( - I know, I'm listing a lot of psychedelic artists. Would you believe me if I tell you that I really am straightedge?...Anyway, Nines is another psychedelic artist, different from the ones I've listed so far. He's a nine-year veteran of DeviantART and works in mediums ranging from traditional (drawings, paintings, crayons, airbrush) to digital (including fractals and even dA Muro.) I was really impressed with "Flamingos" (…), "In The Intruding Truths" (…), "Experimental Landscape" (…), and "Rapture in the Vatican" (…). His work actually inspires me to try out dA Muro.

Slycooper123 ( - My buddy from school, I promise that I will have "Wolf Head" (…) and/or "Dove" (…) tattooed on me someday. Also, he's been uploading chapters for a fantasy novel he's working on, "Inner Wolf".

Rmager ( - He's been on DeviantART for only two weeks, but has already uploaded some incredibly beautiful photographs, some of which are now backgrounds on my desktop (it cycles through different images). Check out "Sunspot" (…), "Daylight" (…), "Sunset" (…), and "Evergreen" (…).

Mattchew-Ober ( - One of my best friends, and he didn't tell us for a long time that he was actually a very good photographer. Check out "Untitled" (…), "Sunset Lake" (…), and "Lake and Foliage" (…). ALL of those photos are unedited and taken with a cell phone camera, which is amazing. As for his t-shirt designs, my personal favorite is the adorable "I Will Eat You..." (…).

NateStainback ( - Another one of my best friends, and a highly gifted artist who's already sold some artwork...from his father's comic book store, which is not a known gathering place of art connoisseurs. He works with traditional media, such as "Eyes" (…), and Photoshop, such as "Phoenix" (…). As an added bonus, here's his manga-version of me: (…). The reason he doesn't have more pictures up is because I took photos of them but haven't sent them to him yet...because I'm lazy and forgetful. I'M SORRY NATE I'LL SEND THEM TODAY DAMMIT.

Hermindseye ( - A member of DeviantART for 7 years, who uses all kinds of media to produce quality art - some of it she has even made free to use, as stock images. I personally like "Autumn 333-12" (…), "Abandoned Motel Stock 2" (…), "Enlightenment II" (…), and "Psychedelic Skull" (…).

Wickedbutterflly (…) - She prefers to use female models with and fantasy settings to create beautiful, haunting artwork. There is so much beauty in her gallery - for starters, check out "Vampress" (…), "As She Collects Her Souls" (…), "Ring of Fire" (…), and "Precious Goth" (…). And that really is just for starters.

MimiLeChampi ( - This very talented French artist has produced a HUGE variety of work, including "Kafka's Metamorphosis" (…), "Totalitarism Town" (…), "If The Cake Isn't A Lie, Let's Look For It" (…), and "Doubt" (…).

So that's it...those are the artists I'd really love for you to check out. And don't just glance at a few images, but take the time to favorite, comment, critique (be nice), and "watch". I sincerely thank you all :)

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